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RV Basic Wash (Inside and Out)
Starting at $3/Ft


Foam bath entire RV including roof using Meguiar’s Flagship Marine Wash, lightly agitate and spot free-rinse.  Rims are wiped, apply tire dressing to a semi-permanent shine.  Exterior windows are cleaned.

RV Clean & Protect 

Starting at $10/Ft

Basic wash package.  Includes a hand application of Meguiar’s Flagship Synthetic Marine Wax/Sealant.  Sealant last 3+ months.


**Upgrade to 8+ months protection for an additional $4/Ft

RV Clean, Polish & Protect  
Starting at $15/Ft

Basic Wash package.  Includes a Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax which is a non-abrasive formula that cleans, polishes and protects in 1-step.  Removes light oxidation and haze, scratches and swirls.  Provides 3+ months of protection.


**Upgrade to 8+ months protection for an additional $3/Ft

RV Gel Coat Restoration  
Up to $15/Ft Per Step (Min 2 Steps)


Basic wash package.  Step 1 includes and aggressive, yet safe, compound application by machine that will clean and restore gloss to the gel coat surface.  Removes moderate-heavy oxidation, scratches, stains and tough water spots.  Restores color and leaves a rich gloss on the treated surface.  Step 2 applications include polishing out all the compounding haze and swirls bringing back brilliant shine and  clarity.  Incredible results.  Our final step offers 3+ months of  gel coat protection.

RV Interior Cleaning
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We utilize European Steam Clean Technology.  We provide anywhere from basic cleaning, wipe down to deep cleaning services.

Our RV Detailing Process Sets the Standard.  No Other Detail Company Can Match Our Service

Our Rv's always look best when the interior/exterior RV detailing is performed.  Executive Auto Detail Hesperia, Victorville & Apple Valley offers interior/exterior RV detailing that refines paint and gel coat by utilizing our clay bar treatment, waxes and sealants.  Our RV detailing process can take your RV from dirty to shiny in just a couple of hours.  We strive to deliver top-notch results and treat our customers like family.  We love seeing the face on our customer's eyes when they see their RV for the first time after it has received our treatment.  Our team takes pride and treats every vehicle as their own.   Our members have been factory trained by Meguiars at their headquarters in Irvine, Ca.  We have also trained with world-renowned detailer and "Detailer of Air Force One" Renny Doyle.  We have literally spent thousands of dollars on training and continuing education.  We use the best products, all Meguiars for our compounds, polishes, waxes, sealants, interior and exterior cleanings supplies.  We use state-of-the-art detailing products, tool, and services.  All boat detailing includes a pre-treatment of bug spray remover, degreaser to the front windshield, wheel wells, tires, rims, fuel caps and any other areas that are high in dirt and debris.  When allow to soak for 1-minute and then rinse the entire boat and trailer.  Once thoroughly rinsed, we use a foam cannon and drench the RV with soap.  We allow the RV wash soap to penetrate the surface for 1-minute and then thoroughly rinse.  When then foam canon the RV again and then use our lambswool mit to gently scrub all surfaces.  Again, we thoroughly rinse.  After the final rinse, we blow dry all cracks/crevices and follow with a clay bar treatment.  Depending on the service required is where we will continue from there.  Interiors our vacuumed, vinyl seats are wiped clean and treated with UV protection and any glass is wiped clean.

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